Information on clinical trials

SThe majority of children with cancer are treated on treatment trials.  These are typically ‘phase 3’ clinical trials, which means they are a result of many years of research that has finally been approved for treatment in the belief that it will give your child a better chance of recovery than the previous, standard treatment. If it is proved via the trial that it is indeed an improvement, for example offering a better cure rate or reduced side effects etc., it will become the new standard treatment and typically a new trial will begin.

Whilst at  we can’t pretend to be experts on clinical trials, we can definitely try and help with telling you what trials are running where in the UK, and point you in the right direction. Here are some useful links, and please check the forums too.
Leukaemia: UKALL2011
Leukaemia relapse protocol:  ALL R3 relapse protocol

All children’s cancer trials in the UK are overseen by the NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute). would like to see a more parent-friendly page to find what is running where, but in the meantime, this is the UK Clinical Research Network  page listing all clinical trials:

The majority of the children’s cancer trials are administered by the CRCTU in Birmingham. Click on their logo:

Cancer Research UK also have a page where you can search for clinical trials for childhood cancer in the UK:

Krebszelle mit BlutkörperchenIf you want to know something about a particular clinical trial, contact us and we’ll see what we can find out for you. We’ll always try to give you the information in plain English, not in ‘medical speak’ that can be difficult to understand.