When your child is diagnosed with cancer, all of a sudden medical research is at the centre of your life. Without research, your child will not be cured. With research, maybe your child will be cured and maybe even with no lasting ill effects of either the disease or the treatment. However we are a long way from that being possible for every child with cancer.

On these pages, we want to share the incredible work being done across the UK and perhaps even beyond. Over the past year or two, research charities have been much more informative regarding the projects they are helping to fund, so it is useful to direct you to their relevant pages:

Children with Cancer UK : Current research

NCRINational Cancer Research Institute works to promote communication, collaboration and co-ordination regarding cancer research projects in the UK, and beyond. It is important to prevent duplication, so they work with 21 partner organisations including all the relevant UK charities.

International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) is an alliance of cancer organisations (including NCRI)working together to enhance collaboration and strategic coordination of research. They have an excellent  RESEARCH FINDER but remember, the clue is in the name ( international)  so there is a lot of information there, and it is not confined to paediatric cancer.