Revisiting the central lines film

We need families of children with cancer to tell us what support they feel would be beneficial to all families of children with cancer. The first film we made was the central lines film, and we want to build on that with this current project. Click on the link below to see what we did last time (we think it is a great source of information for newly diagnosed families faced with their child having to have a Hickman line or a port-a-cath inserted) and contact us if you would like to help us with the new project: Central Lines Film

Childhood cancer survival shows steady improvement

CRUK have released a report showing that deaths from childhood cancer have steadily reduced over the past decade. Read the full press release here.

Film Project with University of Nottingham

We are working with the University of Nottingham on a project to help support parents and carers of children with cancer in the East Midlands area. This requires some feedback from parents/carers in the form of a questionnaire, and then we might have a workshop to discuss the results and work out what areas you – parents and carers – would like a bit more support. More detail in the press release or contact us for more information.

The Medical Innovation Bill

Please take time to have a look at this website. What do the doctors do when the treatment hasn’t worked? This bill will provide a way to allow the doctors to look outside the ‘signed off’ (for want of a better expression) protocols if it is clear that the standard/signed off treatments are not working. Click here for further information.

‘Bloodwise’ is the new name for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

The UK blood cancer charity has decided on a new name, following on from it’s renaming from Leukaemia Research to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research a few years back. The rebranding is much more up-to-date and represents the charity’s desire to be better understood as the leading UK charity for blood cancer and related blood disorders. The mission remains the same – to find cures and improve treatments for all blood cancers. See the research pages for information on some of the current research they are funding.