Welcome to mychildhascancer.co.uk

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Welcome to mychildhascancer.co.uk

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We need your help

We have joined forces with the University of Nottingham to develop new online interactive resource for parents and carers of children with a cancer diagnosis.

Useful websites

Links to websites you may find helpful or of interest. Please tell us if you want us to add any websites you have found helpful?

Support Groups

Find out about support groups in your area. And please let us know if there are support groups you want us to tell others about.

Helping you to cope

Info and tips on dealing with side effects, behaviour problems and other useful stuff.

There can be few more devastating moments in your life than when you are told that your child has cancer. Isolation and confusion dominate those first few weeks and months, and we all know it doesn't end there. Mychildhascancer.co.uk is here to help you through your child's cancer treatment journey, and to help you feel less alone.